NGO Atlas is a register of non-governmental organizations in Lithuania, which provides an overview of all non-governmental organizations present in Lithuania and makes it easy for anyone to search for organizations of interest and see what they do, where they operate, if they search for volunteers, and who supports or sponsors them. The organizations are invited to present their activities and, in that way, ensure better visibility of their mission and activities for possible donors and residents of Lithuania.

The NGO Atlas not only contains a list of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), but also includes public entities, associations or charity funds registered in Lithuania.

The list of all public entities, associations or charity funds was provided by Lithuanian Centre of Registers. In order to find newly registered organizations, TI Lithuania will update the list on a daily basis.

Organizations may voluntarily join “NGO Atlas” free of charge – however, only NGOs enjoy the right to have active profiles. Whether the organization is an NGO or not is decided according to the information they provide when completing the registration form. Each criteria is centered on the Law on Development of Non-governmental Organizations of the Republic of Lithuania and from other legal acts.

All registered NGOs get information about donors’ calls to apply for funding and also have access to information about upcoming seminars for NGOs. Furthermore, they are given the possibility to look for future partnerships more easily and to tell more about themselves both for donors and residents.

Rules of Personal Data Management

Personal data provided on the website “” is managed by TI Lithuania. TI Lithuania commits to ensure the security of personal data in accordance with laws and legislations of the Republic of Lithuania and requirements set by the State Data Protection Inspectorate.

Publicly provided personal data is (1) taken from the database of state-owned companies “Centre of Registers”; and (2) given by the representatives of organizations who completed the registration form. By creating an active profile on the website “”, the organizations and their representatives agree with these rules.

Every organization can freely change and update their profile an unlimited amount of times. Only such information as the title, national identification number of the legal entity, etc., may not be changed.

Types of publicly provided personal data

  1. Legal entity’s title
  2. Legal entity’s national identification number
  3. Legal entity’s type of business
  4. Legal entity’s year of establishment
  5. Legal entity’s website
  6. Names, surnames and contact information of the manager and/or other staff members

In case of any inaccuracies in the data provided on the website “”, we kindly ask you to immediately contact “Transparency International Lithuania” by email at or by phone at  8 (5) 212 69 51.

The responsibility of individuals completing the organization profiles

In profiles that are managed by organizations themselves, it is strictly forbidden to publish information that provokes ethnic, religious, racial, social or gender discrimination; spreads, advocates or advertises pornography, sexual services, drug or psychotropic substances or other information violating legal acts; defames or offends any person, degrades his honor and dignity; is offensive or harmful to any person; violates the rights to privacy of any person; violates any copyrights, trademarks or patents; violates any other laws of the Republic of Lithuania or international agreements. Links or programs with viruses and/or means violating the security of the Website and/or any other websites; requests or advertisements; suggestions or promotion of illegal activities; private information of any person; double publication or any other information which is not allowed to be published according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts and agreements can be also considered as forbidden information. The forbidden information published in the website will be removed and data about people who published it may be transferred to law enforcement institutions following the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

If, while completing the registration form, the manager of the organization made a mistake and, as a result, the organization was wrongly assigned to the section of “Other public establishments, associations and funds”, then the organization has one more opportunity to fill in the registration form. Nevertheless, we want to point out that the representatives filling in the registration form or updating its account hold full responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the data provided and takes all the possible legal consequences for the provision of incorrect, inaccurate and/or knowingly false data.

The initiative is carried out by “Transparency International” Lithuanian Chapter and financed by the European Economic Area Grants and Norway Grants.